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31 Aug

The seal dives into its ice hole and is gone

Review sale fliers and note the items at a deep discount. Head out as early as possible on Sunday. “Buy the loss leader only, then leave the store so you aren’t tempted to buy more expensive items,” Erickson advises.. Parallels with the situation in Kashmir, which too has had its autonomy plucked away by the recent whittling down of Article 370 of the Constitution, keeps cropping up in discussions, but to my mind, there are critical differences. Hong Kong is arguably China’s wealthiest city, and its people enjoy far greater freedoms than in any other Chinese city: it is the one place in China where an independent judiciary and the rule of law prevail. In Kashmir, on the other hand, the autonomy provisions (coupled with opportunistic Delhi politics) have over the decades provided the cover for a creeping militancy and a regressive religious fundamentalism that has even resulted in ethnic cleansing..

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