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27 Jun

An application was sent to Columbia Power thanks to Audrey

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Canada Goose Jackets I have often said that volunteers are the heart of our community and I always believed that we needed to show appreciation to all the people that do so much without wanting any recognition.I often thought it would be great to do this at a lunch however the funding required to hold such a large event was never available. Until four years ago when I was told that there were grants that could be applied to for such an occasion.An application was sent to Columbia Power thanks to Audrey Repin who attended the first volunteer lunch that has now become a very welcome annual event that I love to organize on behalf of the City.This year applications to the Columbia Basin Trust and Save on Foods were successful allowing the event to take place again.Lunch began at 11:30 am and continued until two. Councillor Dan McSkimming was Emcee and Councillor Joe Warshawsky greeted everyone and made sure they placed their names in the basket for the door prize draws.This isn’t a formal event but I do like to have a bit of a program so after introducing councillors McSkimming, Warshawsky and Schaffer I welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming. Canada Goose Jackets

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