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A view of Kampala via adonaiguesthouses.com
20 Aug

What makes Kampala the ideal getaway & all you need to know about Adonai Guesthouses

Kampala, the capital city of Uganda is a gold mine of attractions for all ages! And if you’re planning a trip to the Pearl of Africa, make sure to book your stay at any of the Adonai guest houses. Adonai Guesthouse Muyenga, located on plot 2431, Lubbobbo close off Tank Hill Road and Adonai Guesthouse Rubaga, situated on Plot 481 off the Rubaga Road. We have a couple of reasons why you should ditch your other accommodation now!

Adonai Guesthouse, Muyenga

When it comes to Kampala accommodation, there are a lot of places to choose from. But we’re not here to talk about all the other places. We’re here to talk about the best place: Adonai guest houses, known for being a home away from home for the bed and breakfast spots that they are. 

But let’s assume you know nothing about Kampala as a city and before talking about why you would even want to look for Adonai accommodation in the first place. What makes Kampala the ideal getaway?

Kampala Attractions:

With a city this rich with culture, friendly people and good food, it’s difficult to name all the reasons one would want to visit, but we’re going to do our very best! And on a broader perspective, Uganda is a beauty, you will be awe of Mother Nature from the moment you step off the place and get to experience our beautiful weather.

The Cuisine

The Ugandan Rolex

 Kampala has the best restaurants! From uptown restaurants to the modest roadside and market eateries down-town, where you’ll get to experience a hustler’s day in the city. And at these restaurants, you will get a taste of the traditional foods like matooke, millet, cassava, sweet potatoes among other things. And if you’re a fan of fast foods on the go, we suggest that you don’t miss out on the rolex, a combination of fried eggs, onions, cabbage, some green pepper with row tomato salad, all rolled in a chapatti or two. Even as I write this, I’m already craving for a bite of it.

The Art and Entertainment

Kampala is brimming with art and entertainment. Local inns and classic bars are open Monday to Monday offering cocktail evenings, bonfires (in some), with music playing until late in the night. Several spots have live bands on different nights and if you want to shop some craft pieces, then our shop at Adonai Guesthouse Muyenga is always open with proceeds dedicated to helping the needy. 

And for a bigger experience as you enjoy your walk through the city, then Buganda Road is the place to visit for more pottery and art shops, and outstanding paintings. Indulge yourself in some African artifacts and elegant African print outfits.

Other attractions in Kampala;

The Kasubi Tombs

The Kasubi Tombs, the Uganda museum, the Independence monument, Rubaga hill; home to the Catholic Church and Namirembe hill; home to the Anglican Church among other places

Why you should choose Adonai guest houses for your accommodation in Kampala!

1. Have you seen our reviews?

If you haven’t, we suggest you pop over to our Facebook page (https://web.facebook.com/Adonaiguesthouses/) or right here on our website to and take a read about what our previous guests had to say.

We have some of the best reviews for a reason. We love people! We love being in the business of making people feel welcomed and at home while still offering a luxury and relaxing experience.

Here are a few things people had to say about us:

Exceptional staff, great atmosphere and convenient location. We’ve stayed at Adonai twice now, and we will again. – Mike Jonker | July 7th 2018.

I totally love the home away from home atmosphere…i love the fact that I can spend time at Adonai doing my work while sipping on my coffee quietly without the noise associated with bodas and taxis. – Marjorie Seruwo | January 29th 2018.

2. We go above and beyond for our guests

We make sure that our guests are comfortable and well provided for at all times. This means a well-kept room, living area, and property. Upon request, we tend to your needs as a guest. That means we can prepare a vegetarian breakfast, do your at laundry at cost friendly rates.

But hey, don’t take our word for it! Here is another review!

“Adonai has always gone above and beyond in their service to me. They have made me feel at home, safe and cared for. Grace has always been very professional at the front desk in attending to my questions,” Jenna Murphy – Adonai Website

3.      We have an abundance of rooms to choose from

Our accommodation is unique, with plenty of rooms for you to choose from! You can either opt for Adonai Guesthouse Rubaga or Adonai Guesthouse Muyenga.

Adonai Guesthouse – Rubaga

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