Lower Muyenga Lubbobbo Close off of Tank Hill Road

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Guests & Adonai staff cut a cake
16 Jul

Why you should bring your party to Adonai Guesthouse

Creating life memories calls for celebrating special days and occasions. Special days deserve to be celebrated in special places like Adonai Guesthouse.

Located in a Kampala suburb of Lower Muyenga, Lubbobbo Close off Tank Hill Road, Adonai Guesthouse, Muyenga is the perfect venue for a private function like a family get-together, birthday party, baby or bridal shower.

The guesthouse is located in a more or less secret place, right after British School of Kampala, away from the noisy sides of the city. It’s quiet, calm and peaceful with soft soothing music and sometimes gospel music always playing in the background. Like I noted, it’s a special place.

The venue is free of charge. You simply have to book and we will reserve the venue just for you.

Visit the place, take a seat at the balcony or any of the couches outside and enjoy the fresh air.

You will find Adonai Guesthouse food quite tasty

The food: As a customer, you reserve the rights to choose a private menu for your party or event. An in-house chef will help you make the selection of what you would wish to have on the menu for your guests. However, if you wish for a surprise from our chef, don’t hesitate to ask. As for the drinks, all beverages are available including fresh juice.

Cake: One of life’s unforgettable bad memories or days comes when you eat a tasteless or bad cake at function or party. Well, when you opt for Adonai Guesthouse for your party venue, then you may as well go ahead and place your cake order. Choose the flavour(s) and let us bake it for you.

Adonai Guesthouse cake
Adonai Guesthouse cake

Q&A: Just to make sure that every little detail of your party goes according to plan, feel free to ask any questions that will set your mind at peace. Make suggestions of how would want things set up for you and your party entourage. And because customer care comes top of our priorities, you won’t be left begging.

Simply contact us by calling +256772909355/+256772509798 or by emailing us at adonai.house1@gmail.com

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