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Inside a superior room at Adonai Guesthouse
11 Sep

Things to check for before booking into a hotel or Guesthouse in Uganda

There is barely a day that tourists don’t arrive in Uganda for a holiday, vacation or break. With a substantial increase the number of tourists among other foreign guests coming into the Pearl of Africa continent, accommodation has become a luxury investment. Around the capital Kampala, you will see clusters of great hotels & motels, guesthouses and inns in one location. How do you choose your hotel or guesthouse before you arrive in Uganda?

Quite often, many guests or tourists fall victim when they judge the quality of a hotel or guesthouse based on its fancy structures and beautification. A number of customers end up being disappointed in the quality of services they get when they book for such places based on buildings. Here are the five things we think you’ll need to check before booking a hotel or guesthouse:


In order to ensure full-time comfort throughout your stay, you’ll have to check up necessary facilities like power supply, parking space, a swimming pool (in case you consider it a priority) and Internet connection (Wi-Fi). You cannot pay a bill for comfort and relaxation and end up being disappointed. You need to browse different hotel and guesthouse packages before you can make your choice. Here at Adonai Guesthouses, be sure you will not be disappointed if you choose us.


Before you click “book” for that hotel or guesthouse, one of the things you got to check out is the environmental conditions and general surroundings. You need to check if the surroundings are clean and conducive for your stay in Uganda. The general calmness of the entire place is very important and must be one of the things you should look out for before booking for a place to stay. At Adonai Guesthouse in Muyenga, the greenery outside shades off the right odor for a perfect new home as our esteemed personnel warmly usher you in. Both in Muyenga and in Rubaga, our facilities are located in quiet and calm places away from the noisy parts of the city.


Security is a very important aspect that you should not overlook or take for granted when booking a guesthouse or hotel in Uganda. The facility must have adequate security that will guarantee your safety during your warm stay. And as Adonai Guesthouses, because we value our customers, we do not compromise on security. So be sure you will be safe with us.

Customer service

As a customer, you need to get that satisfaction of being in a home despite being away from home. You need a place of relaxation and comfort, and you cannot have that experience without the right customer care. Right from the moment you walk in, you need to get that impression, that feeling of being welcomed into your temporary new home. There’s no comfort in a hostile environment. The customer service is a top priority for your accommodation. And for what it’s worth, go through some of the reviews to these places. They give you an impression of what to expect of each before you make your final decision.


Guests having a meal at Adonai Guesthouse in Muyenga

When you choose a hotel or guesthouse where you will be paying a huge bill, you need to be rest assured that you’ll get tasty meals. Nothing will give you more joy than having a sumptuous meal each time you order for food. And at Adonai Guesthouses where breakfast is free, and the food is affordable, be sure you will have lots of scrumptious meals. Nonetheless, in cases where you check into a hotel or guesthouse and don’t find their meals appealing, you can always opt to eat elsewhere at a restaurant.

With so many hotels, motels and guesthouses available to choose from, it’s not always easy to find or choose the perfect place especially if you don’t do your homework well. Websites for these places should be used as criteria to decide if you want the services of a good hotel or guesthouse.

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