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12 Apr

Introducing Adonai Guesthouse Rubaga, The Annex To Adonai Guesthouse In Muyenga

Located on Plot 481 Kaweesa road, off Rubaga Road, Adonai Guesthouse Rugaba is an annex to the famous Adonai Guesthouse in Muyenga. The magnificent accommodation facility stands on the slopes of the historical Rubaga hill that rise to 4,134 feet above sea level.

The hill is surrounded by two other famous hills, namely, Mengo hill (a base for the historical Buganda Kingdom) and Namirembe hill, home to Uganda’s Anglican Church.

The name Rubaga comes from a Luganda word “Kubaga” which means “to plan”. Rubaga Hill is home to the Catholic Church for the Kampala Archdiocese. Near the cathedral is the residence of the cardinal and on the other side is Rubaga Hospital.

Down the hill, near Kabuusu is a home for the elderly (the Bakateyamba’s Home in Nalukolongo), a place the Pope stepped in during his visit to the Pearl of Africa in November 2016. It’s also where the first black Archbishop south of the Sahara, Joseph Kiwanuka (who became a bishop in 1939) and the country’s first cardinal, Emmanuel Nsubuga are buried here. Further at the base is the Pope Paul VI Memorial Hall, next to the Kabaka’s lake.

The guest house is capable of hosting guests of up to 17 people and has explicit reception to suit customized customer needs. Adonai Guesthouse Rubaga remains one of the most convenient locations in Uganda’s capital city, Kampala providing the perfect and most affordable accommodation facilities for travellers from all over the world.

Besides being close to a number of tourist attractions, the Guesthouse is also close to shopping malls, marketplaces as well as fuel stations.

The place is well maintained and spacious, with free fast unlimited Wi-Fi. The self-contained rooms on both floors are all animated with circulating fans to keep the rooms temperatures pleasantly cool on hot days. Given Africa’s close relationship with mosquitoes, each bed is adorned with a nice mosquito net to ensure that you rest peacefully like a baby.

With sanitation being a top priority, the entire place is maintained with a high level of hygiene. Personal hygiene isn’t encouraged but expected. The bathrooms are well equipped to provide both cold and hot water.

The staff makes you feel like part of the big family and ensure that you feel at home because Adonai Guesthouse is “a home away from home” and you’ll be encouraged to treat it like your new home. The rooms are quite simple, but always clean while the common areas like the living rooms are pleasant. At all times, there’s someone to tend to your extra needs and inquiries if any.

Breakfast is plentiful with cereal, toast, coffee/tea, fruits, juice and eggs are all available every morning. At both guesthouses, you will have very nice food at affordable rates; an a la carte menu is available to suit your personal tastes and preferences.

At both Adonai Guesthouses, it’s very understandable to us that a guest would be having a night flight so we are always gracious enough to allow you keep your room until early evening without an extra charge for as long as the room isn’t booked for another guest for that particular time. An extra stay in the room for 5 hours or so – past check-out time is all determined by their next guest(s) arrival time to take up the rooms.

Over the years, thousands have found Adonai Guesthouses, both in Muyenga and Rubaga the perfect places to stay while visiting the former British colony dubbed “the Pearl of Africa”. Individuals, couples and groups are all welcome, so book for your stay at any of the guesthouses and you’ll have no regrets.




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