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15 Mar

Netherlands Meets Uganda As Maart Introduces John At Adonai Guesthouse, Muyenga

Photography & Videography by: Creativity World Events

A man I consider to be far wiser than I once said that “not all treasures are buried so deep in the ground like gold, diamond or even oil, sometimes they are hidden in plain sight. It, however, takes a mind eye not just the physical eyes to spot such treasures.”

Well, we can now authoritatively say that John has a bright mind eye and quite a good taste, no wonder he is a medical professional.

While the rest of the world was busy celebrating Valentine’s Day, Maart and John, on the other hand, were busy preparing for their big day ahead. On Thursday 15th February 2018, it was a ‘Netherlands meets Uganda affair’ as Maart (Dutch) officially introduced her soul mate John from Ntungamo in Western Uganda to her parents, relatives and close friends at Adonai Guesthouse in Muyenga, Kampala.

According to the groom, the two met during medical school when Maart had come to Uganda for her internship. “We meet on 14th February 2011 when she had come to Uganda for internship and we started dating in late March. So for all these years, it’s been a long distance relationship and yesterday we marked seven years since we met,” John reminisced.

The successful ceremony was attended by about 100 guests from both John and Mart’s side and on Saturday 17th, the lovely couple went on to be wedded at St Augustine’s church, Makerere before hosting their guests to a dinner and wonderful entertainment at Ndere Cultural Center in Ntinda.

Venue: Adonai Guesthouse, Muyenga—off Lubbobbo Close

Catering services: Adonai Guesthouse

See photos by Creativity World Events:


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