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1 Mar

7 Important Things to Consider When Choosing Your Holiday Accommodation

Planning your holiday can be a very challenging thing to do. Of course, there are a lot of things to prepare for – not to mention the money, time and other resources needed to make sure that your trip will be worthwhile. One of the important things that most travellers focus into is finding the ideal place to stay.

Undeniably, there are a lot of options when it comes to holiday accommodation. Also, there are numerous promotions and deals that you’ll find online and in other travel resources. Finding the best hotel or holiday rental is always a daunting task.

However, each and every traveller has a unique requirement when it comes to accommodation. Remember that what fits others may not fit you. Thus, you can trim down your choices by focusing on what matters most for you. Below are some of the main factors that you might want to consider:

  1. Price

Number one on the list is price. Of course, you should first consider how much money you would want to pay for your accommodation. You should factor in how many nights would you be staying or if you have plans on transferring to another place to suit your itinerary. You should also look into extra fees or hidden charges that might inflate your expenses on accommodation. By knowing your limits, you can easily pinpoint the options that will fit your budget.

  1. Location

Choosing the location of your accommodation depends on the main purpose of your trip. If it is for an official business visit, a conveniently located corporate accommodation facility is your best bet. However, if you are travelling for leisure or for sightseeing, you should opt for a holiday rental close to the attractions and activities included on your itinerary. Additionally, make sure to pick a location close to public transportation especially if you are not planning on using your own car. With all that in mind, I still think that Adonai Guesthouse in Muyenga, Kampala-Uganda is the best place.

  1. Amenities and Facilities

Depending on your needs, you should find an accommodation option that has the right appliances or amenities. For example, if you want to cook your own food during your stay rather than eat out, you should choose a holiday rental with a fully functional kitchen.

  1. Family-Friendliness

If you are travelling with your family, of course, you should pick an accommodation option that suits the whole family. There should be facilities and appliances that can make your kid’s stay comfortable and enjoyable. Your best bet is a self-contained holiday home with separate rooms for you and your children.

  1. Parking

If you are travelling on your car, you will need a space for its parking. Well, you should consider if your chosen accommodation will provide it, if there are extra charges for the parking service and if it is safe. This will also help you decide if it is best to use your car or to use public transportation instead.

  1. Privacy

If you need relaxation during your holiday, check the privacy offered by your chosen accommodation option. As much as possible, avoid big chain hotels. Choose self-contained holiday rentals located at peaceful neighbourhoods. This way, you are assured that you’ll be staying in an exclusive place and on a serene surrounding.

  1. Pet-Friendliness

If you can’t leave behind your dog or your cat at home during your vacation, worry not. All you have to do is pick a pet-friendly accommodation. Make sure that your furry friends are allowed anywhere in the accommodation vicinity and there are services and amenities to suit their needs.

Choosing the ideal accommodation for your holiday or business trip is very important. Always remember that your choice can make or break your trip. Thus, make sure that you consider the factors that matter for you to easily make the right decision.


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